Vanweigh Caravan Weight Check in WA

Vanweigh is a Western Australian based Business specialising in mobile weighing of cars, 4WDs, caravans, trailers camper trailers, even boats and boat trailers.

We weigh your rig and van on our unique portable scales to ensure it meets Compliance plate requirements.

This helps you meet insurance requirements and keeps you safe on the road.

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Mobile Caravan Weighing service in Perth, we come to you

Get your Caravan or Rig weighed before your next journey. We come to your place and weigh your caravan on our mobile caravan weigh scales.

You receive a printed 9 point weight check report comparing the weights with the maximum as defined by the manufacturer.

This report will show you at a glance where your caravan may be overweight and we  will help you identify ways to correct any issues found.


Weigh your caravan and tow rig at your home or premises

Book an appointment online r give us a call and we will help you manage the weight of your caravan and rig.

Chose a date and time of your choosing from our online Booking Engine and we will come to you with our mobile caravan weighbridge and weigh your caravan and tow rig or 4WD.

Confused over the terminology? ATM? GTM?

Learn More about the Acronyms used when weighing your caravan or rig.

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Common Acronyms