Is it worth the risk?



Why do you need to know the weight of your caravan 4WD motorhome boat or trailer?

As the driver the buck stops in your lap, if your overloaded it is your fault , no one else.

Does your Caravan GTM, ATM or AGL  exceed the manufacturers specifications?

Does your tow vehicle exceed its FAGL , RAGL, GVM, BTC, GCM or TBM exceed specifications?

Are you confused by all these acronyms?

As the driver of a tow vehicle you are required to make sure that your rig is within limits set out by the manufacturer for all of these.

Should you have an incident along the road that results in an insurance claim and your are found to be over then your insurance will most likely be void.

If your load is out of balance then your reliable caravan following meekly along behind will misbehave and the safety of you, your passengers, and other traffic is likely to be compromised.

Vanweigh is a Western Australian based business operating currently in the Perth  Metro area, we specialise in weighing caravans tow rigs and all trailer types up to 8 tonnes, we understand the acronyms and can easily explain them to you with a visual report that will identify any areas of concern

To get your rig weighed and a printed CLICK HERE  to make a booking 

In normal driving day to day the chance of being weighed is low, however it does happen.

You should however be concerned in the event of an incident or accident.

If this accident results in serious injury or death then the likelihood of your rig being weighed is very high. 

Two parties will be keen to find out if you were overweight it the time of the accident.

Police will and have charged drivers with multiple offences following an accident where a Tow vehicle and or a van was proven to be overweight.   Read about one incident here   or another report here

Your Insurance company will be particularly keen to know and may use this information to withhold your claim, Can you afford that?


Evidence is building on the incidence of overweight Vans and Tow rigs, read here

How can you tell if your overloaded,  there is only one way to be sure  contact us today and find out fo sure