Tyre pressure is important

If you get this wrong it will effect the life of your tyres , the ride achieved the risk of a blow out, and possibly an insurance claim if it is the result of a blow out .

So how do you get it right?

To calculate tyre pressure for your caravan you need to 

  1. Know the weight of your caravan ATM
  2. Read and record from your tyres the
    1. maximum tyre pressure for the tyre
    2. the maximum load the tyre is rated to carry

The information you need is here on your tyre

NB if your tyre ony shows KPA then multiply  it by 0.145 to get PSI   eg 240 KPA  multiplied by 0.145 = 34.8 PSI

tire pressureS

The actual formula for making a tyre pressure calculation is Maximum tire pressure in PSI divided by the maximum load in KG   x the weight of the Van divided by the number of wheels


Maximum tyre pressure is 80 psi

Maximum load per tyre is 1450 kg

Van weight 1350

number of wheels 2

so the first calculation is 80 / 1450 = 0.0551724

next is 0.0551724 x 1350 = 74.48

then 74.48 / 2 = 37.24

so in this case the correct PSI per tyre is 37.24