Your van will have two diferent electrical systems

12 Volt and 240 Volt,

NB Only licensed electricians are allowed to tinker with the 240 volt system.

12 Volt

What needs checking

  1. do the rear lights work correctly, 
    1. Have someone stand at the rear of the van while you  apply 
      1. Park lights
      2. Brake lights
      3. Both indicators
    2. If any errors occur first clean the contacts between the car and Caravan and check again, 
    3. If this fails to correct the problem
    4. Most younger vans will have LED lighting so bulbs are not an issue, on older systems with bulbe a blown bulb may be the problem.
  2. Most vans now days will have additional 12 volt outlets and a 12 volt fuse box
    1. check the outlets
    2. check fuses
      1. sometimes moisture and corrosion will effect the fuse contact
        1. remove fuses and clean the fuse contacts with contact cleaner
  3. Check internal 12 volt lighting.
  4. If you have issues that your not able to fix then find an auto electrician, some are mobile and will come to you.


240 Volt

There are limited things you are allowed to do here

  1. Check the RCD ( Residual Current Device ) is working properly. there will be a button that when depressed will trigger the switch.
    1. The RCD is designed for your safety, if a current leakage is detected then it will shut down the system reducing the potential for electric shock
  2. Check the 240 Volt outlets by plugging in a device , a hair drier is good for this , just plug it in and make sure it works.

If you have any concerns about the 240 Volt system you need to get an licensed electrician to check and fix any problems.