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Check list for your Van

  • Tyres
    • are they getting old perished?
    • is there enough tread left?
    • Is the Pressure correct?
      • Use the cold tyre pressure rating on the compliance plate as a guide test the pressure when cold
      • Then go for a drive for at lease 30 minutes and then re check
      • If the pressure has risen by 5 to 6 psi then your spot on
      • If the pressure change is higher then your underinflated
      • If the pressure change is lower then your overinflated
      • If the pressure increase is significantly high 10psi or over this may indicate a more serious problem
  • Brakes
    • Have you checked the brake shoes for wear?
    • Are they correctly adjusted?
    • Is the controller working properly?
    • Do you know what to set it on for safe towing?
  • Wheels
    • Are the nuts tightened correctly?
    • Is there any damage to  the rims?
  • Bearings
    • Have you had then re greased?
    • Have the bearings been correctly adjusted?
  • Brake away Safety
    • Check your safety chains for compliance
    • Heavier vans will have a breakaway
      • is the cable and clip correctly attached?
      • is it working correctly
  • 12 Volt Electrical
    • Is the plug to the car in good order
    • Do the lights work correctly , Tail, Brake and Indicators
    • Are the batteries in the van charges up 
    • are they being charged while driving
  • 240 Volt electrical
    • Is the RCD working correctly?
      • test the cut out switch
    • If any concerns get a licenced electrician to check it out.
  • GAS
    • Have you filled the bottles?
    • Are thy properly secured?
    • Have you checked the flexible hoses
    • If you have any concerns get a licences gas guy to check it out
    • Are your tanks clean and free from leaks?
    • Is the water pump working correctly?
    • If you have filters are they working correctly?
    • Do your filters need replacing?
  • LOAD
    • do you know what your van weighs full?
    • do you know what the tow ball down load is?
    • Do you understand ATM, GTM and why is it important?
    • If you don't know then get a company like Vanweigh to check it out?
  • Rear View Mirrors
    • are the mirrors on your tow car compliant?
  • Extras attached t the van
    • Awning
      • is it working properly
      • Is it properly secured to the van for traveling
    • Spare tire carrier
      • is it properly secured
    • Jerry Can holders etc
      • check all external fittings and make sure they are all properly secured fo transport
  • Dont forget to check the inside of the van.

NB if you are at all unsure you are able to complete this check list then take your van to the nearest caravan maintenance business and have them do a thorough check