Mobile Caravan Towing Weight Service

Most cars have an official towing capacity, which is declared by the manufacturer and refers to the maximum trailer weight a vehicle can pull efficiently while remaining stable. Towing capacity is based on things such as the vehicle’s power and torque, rear-axle strength, frame durability and even the grip of the standard tyres.

Do you know the how much your towing vehicle can safely tow or how much your caravan weighs? Vanweigh can help. We come to you and conduct all the weighing procedures onsite, wherever you store your caravan. Once completed we compile a comprehensive printed report creating a weight profile of your rig.

How to book

Make your booking online by taping the Book Here menu item.

Select the Location.

From the Calendar select the date.

Then select the time you would like to book.

We may contact you and ask that a different time be selected should it make more sense to our movements during the day.

We allow up to 1.5 hours for each job including travelling.

Once selected add to cart and proceed to checkout.

The system will request a 10% deposit at time of booking with the balance due on completion,

payment of the deposit can be by credit card, or EFT.

The balance is payable on completion by credit / debit card or cash.

Confused over the terminology?

ATM? GTM? Learn More about the Acronyms used when weighing your caravan or rig.

Common Acronyms