How to weigh your Caravan and tow vehicle.

Vanweigh helps you weigh your Caravan and or  Rig so you comply to manufacturer limits on your tow weight. Our portable weigh platform gives accurate measurements and balance reports that you can use to make sure you meet your insurance requirements and keep your family safe on the road.


Areas covered


  • Perth northern suburbs
  • Perth eastern suburbs
  • Perth southern suburbs
  • Rockingham Mandurah and east to SW Hwy


  • Townsville


What you will get
You will get a weight ticket showing your weights and how they differ from the maximum weights shown on your compliance plates, and an explanation of what this means.
For both your car and van this will include GVM, " Gross Vehicle Mass" GTM "Gross Trailer Mass", GCM Gross Combined Mass", Caravan ATM "Aggregate Trailer Mass" and TBM " Tow Ball Mass"

Where your axle group loadings are available we compare these with the actual axle group weights.
Where possible we will assist you to decide how best to manage your weights so that you stay within the legal requirements.
We just need a basically firm and level surface to weigh you rig and van and we will bring our mobile weigh station to you.

How to book your mobile caravan weighing

To make an appointment select your Location then select your prefered date and time, pay a deposit if paying by card and the booking will be set in place, if you need to change the booking contact us within 24 hours of the booked date to amend it otherwise your deposit may be forfeit


Confused over the terminology? ATM? GTM? Learn More about the Acronyms used when weighing your caravan or rig.

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