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 Ric Ailsa McDonald    Bill Sue Brockway
 Ric & Ailsa McDonald      Bill & Sue Brockway 
 Background Farming, Business,4WD and Camping     Background Farming Business , 4WD and Camping
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Ric & Ailsa  are avid travelers and have towed a camper trailer over much of Australia, they enjoy Photography and run a photography/camping club called Walkabout Photo Club, the McDonald's and Brockways were farming neighbors in the great southern and now live in the same suburb in the Perth Hills.

We have been aware how important Caravan and tow vehicle weights are for some time and have observed many overweight rigs during travels, Van Weigh is a result of these observations, we hope to help fellow travelers take the guess work out of loading your car and van so that you stay within the allowable weight ranges.

We enjoy being able to help other caravaners and campers check their caravan weight and explain the terminology used , see our Acronyms page here 

Yes we are a business but when we come to visit you and weigh your caravan we are there as a friend with a common interest in seeing that your caravan and tow rig weight is within specification, helping to make sure you do not have any issues with insurance or the police while enjoying your Caravan lifestyle.

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